Maxitronix Xin1 Kits

In the Maxitronix Xin1 videos I work my way through some old electronics project labs distributed by Maxitronix back in the good old days.

The Maxitronix Xin1 videos are special shows which air on the main channel.

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Maxitronix Xin1 Kits

The Maxitronix Xin1 Kits are electronic project labs of various sizes. I own pretty much the full set:

John's set of Maxitronix electronic project labs.

If you're interested in these kits you can find some information about where to buy them on my Maxitronix equipment page.

I am slowly making my way through my collection, making one video for each project in each Maxitronix project lab:

For an introduction to the Maxitronix Xin1 kits see the announcement video page.

The Maxitronix Xin1 Kits are electronic project labs with projects designed to teach people about electronics. They are a great way to learn electronics and are a lot of fun. I would highly recommend them to anyone interested in electronics.

Format of an Xin1 Project Video

In an Xin1 project video I have the following sections:

Announcing Maxitronix Xin1 Projects Feature

In this video I announce the Maxitronix Xin1 projects feature.

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