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This website is for the video blog of John Elliot V who is affectionately known as Jay Jay.

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Contact Information

You can always find my contact information on the contact page.

John's Blog

I usually write up show notes on my blog, which is over here:



When I release a new video I announce it on:

If you're interested in getting notifications about new videos you can subscribe to an RSS feed.


Here are some notes about how this website is made.

The show's logo (shown right) is a version of the Hacker Emblem. As all good nerds will know the glider which Eric S. Raymond chose for the hacker emblem can be in any of four different states, so I picked an alternative state for the glider to be in for the show's logo. The state I picked looks a little bit like a "J", for "Jay Jay", don't you think? :)

Source Code

The source code for this website is now available on GitHub:


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This website has a sitemap.xml file and a rss.xml file.

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This website has a humans.txt file and a robots.txt file.

Can you keep a secret? There are two handy pages I made for my own use. I don't advertise them because they use massive HTML tables so the pages aren't responsive (i.e. they don't look good on mobile devices). But if you're brave you can find them here:

I also have some notes about YouTube hacks over here: YouTube Hacks.

Shortcut Keys

There are some hotkeys you can use to speed your navigation. Just press the key for the page you want. I added this support for hotkeys because I use this website quite a lot while I'm working on the show. It's mostly just here for my use but it would be cool if someone else found it useful too! I'm not sure if it will work on all browsers, but it works on recent versions of Firefox and Chromium. The main hotkey you have to remember is '?' for this section of this page, then you can take it from there.

1?ShortcutsClick here for a list of supported hotkeys. [Hotkey: ?]
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4HHomepageClick here to visit the show's home page. [Hotkey: H]
5LLatest VideoClick here to watch the latest main channel video on the homepage. [Hotkey: L]
6!Lab CostumeClick here to find out about my costume. [Hotkey: !]
7ISilly Job TitleClick here to read about the silly job title. [Hotkey: I]
8MMain ChannelClick here for high quality content on my main YouTube channel @InTheLabWithJayJay. [Hotkey: M]
922nd ChannelClick here for extra content on my 2nd YouTube channel @ElliotsExtras. [Hotkey: 2]
10SSponsorsClick here to learn more about my generous sponsors. [Hotkey: S]
11EEquipmentClick here to see the lab equipment that I own along with affiliate links to buy. [Hotkey: E]
12AAbout the WebsiteClick here for more info about the show and this website. [Hotkey: A]
133YouTube HacksClick here to read about YouTube hacks. [Hotkey: 3]
14USupport the Show!Click here to find out how you can support the show. [Hotkey: U]
15CContact InfoClick here to find my contact details. [Hotkey: C]
16NStatisticsClick here for stats about my videos and equipment. [Hotkey: N]
17JMini ProjectsClick here to watch the videos where I work through Mini Projects from Silicon Chip and Jaycar. [Hotkey: J]
18KMaxitronix KitsClick here to watch the videos where I work through old Maxitronix electronic project labs. [Hotkey: K]
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25ZSoftware VersionClick here for information about the website software [Hotkey: Z]
26DDebugClick here at your peril. :) [Hotkey: D]

Thank You!

Thanks very much for your interest and I hope you enjoy the show!

Where to from Here?

You made it to the bottom of the page, huh? Well done! I'm a bit of a scroller myself. :)

Where you go next depends on what you're interested in. Here are some suggestions: