Shoutout to My Homies!

Not only am I a YouTube creator, I am also a YouTube viewer!

On this page I let you know who I watch on YouTube and support on Patreon.

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My Homies

Man, I love the long tail. There is so much interesting stuff on the web theses days, including on YouTube, wouldn't you agree? On this page I wanted to let you know about some of the people who I follow. I can't list everyone who I follow on YouTube, so the criteria for this list is whether I sponsor them on Patreon or not. Yes, I do sponsor people on Patreon! Don't you? :)

#Video BloggerYouTube ChannelPatreonWebsiteNotes
1Dave Jones on the EEVblog@EEVblogEEVblogeevblog.comnote
2Adrian Black on Adrian's Digital Basement@AdriansDigitalBasementAdriansDigitalBasementadriansbasement.comnote
3Richard on Learn Electronics
4Paul Carlson on Mr Carlson's

You can find this same list of video bloggers on my Patreon Recommendations page.

Dave Jones on the EEVblog

I met Dave at ElectroneX and he was cool enough to plug my channel on X.

Dave runs the EEVblog Forum which is an excellent resource, check it out!

Dave makes a line of multimeters. I am saving my pennies so I can get the full set! Here are the multimeters Dave makes:

Adrian Black on Adrian's Digital Basement

I was there when Adrian Black went pro.

Thank You!

Thanks very much for your interest and I hope you enjoy the show!

Where to from Here?

You made it to the bottom of the page, huh? Well done! I'm a bit of a scroller myself. :)

Where you go next depends on what you're interested in. Here are some suggestions: